Hai how do you guys feel great,okay second day on penang ,Morning act the best because we having tour to penang hill the top one in  penang,that you guys can see all the view of penang and the scene its very wonderfull.So if you guys want to get there act i just know on georgetown must take a ferry i guess :) maybe a take few minutes ,but we just on a way with a bus UITM hehehe.Okay then please make sure bring your id card because u get the lower price  :) Excited on a train and u can feels your ears something happens because we gonna go to the sky hehehe.So just now when on a top a view its very beautiful,and the whether act cold for a long years ago but just now malaysia u know...If u feels free u can riding bicycle and tour alone ,but if u have enough money u can take a car that can bring u to monkey cup :) a last one on penang hill its owl museum act i just see because gonna hurry :)

After done to penang hill,now to observe a armenian street that having a street art and attract many tourist to get here :) Armenian street popular with murals by earnest "little children on a bicyle" and old man,and have another mural about cat "i can help catch the rats" by asia project street. if u want to know detail just search at google for more history.



Cik Mun said...

seronoknya berjalan ye..

Bella Razali said...

hehehe trip academic ni, smbil belajar samabil melancong :)

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