Hai alhamdullilah,for 1 weeks bella success stay in perak for continue my study,and??? get new exercise for LAS150,RASTA,assigment 1 LAS152 so awesome .and what ? trip to taiping and selangor for plant mat,and this one that i so excited because bacth 94 part 2 WELCOME TO PENANG,for academic trip final project ahahaha,its to early for got final project :( yeah please bella strong dont say"malas" its not good ::) just now my status on 1.12am ,cheras,kl. Yeah now im in KL for get my birthday present hehehe . So today bella just want to gedikssss  with chuools share my widget.sharing is caring and if u guys feel free lets click on the right sidebar follow me :)

^,^ Wuhuuu yeay also chuools know,i got fb and its just a long time ago,and many moments with  i have fb hackers and i success for get back my fb and now,yeah its still on :)

^,^ Instagram act im new to,but i kinda weird why my followers so many,and please if u guys follow me,feed back please ,dont be shy and lets open ,act half or just little i know who my followers,and please alert dont make my insta to your bussniess :)

 ^,^ Keekers yeah im a new one,look i share my video just for fun,and please respect each other okay :) if u guys hate it just remove this blog on your site tq.

^,^ Tweet me heheehe ,i try to be active on twitter if u guys tweet me :) tq,feel free follow me okay :)
i will follow back.


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