RASTA 2013

Hai chuools okay right today before bella go to fspu to meet my advisor,better bella spent time first want to share one big event that family LADS have done last week,RASTA?WHAT? RIMBA ALAM SEKITAR TANGGNGJAWAB ANDA.yeah act last week so busy so i dont have time to update new story in my blog,so today i decide what ever i must write somestory for u guys haahaha sweet right? okay in RASTA we got many activities ,coloring,colaj,fotographi,aerodance and cycling and etc.Special one is wishhing tree because that tree is newspaper and think how can that tree stand very creative right? and the dress with plastic bag,so beautiful act.keep calm and go green yeah,in first days,LADS family gardening wannabe hehehe.dont worry bella share some picture for u guys see how wonderfull in rasta days :) okay .

                            GARDENER WANNABE :)                WITH YASMIN,DRESS BY PLASTIC BAG                            

                                   WITH TLC GROUP HEHEHE IN DSI,FIRST DAY RASTA



Athirah B said...

RASTA awesome, but too bad baru habis sem 6. haha. goodluck guys . keep doing good things. hopefully even lpasni semua best2 boleh la dtg skali join. hehe.

Bella Razali said...

yeayh,wah congrate lah just graduate tu :) of course lg pun nilah first event yg besar wat mse ni LADS buat :)

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